The Elements of Education – Robert Mesure

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The Elements of Education by Robert Mesure


Sensation (Earth) – Scientific observation

Spiritual (Fire) – Mystical insight

Feeling (Water) – Artistic expressions

Thinking (Air) – Philosophical speculations


Elements Youth council

Everything can be explained and represented through these four approaches of elemental significance.

The four faculties lead to different understandings and formulations of knowledge.  Approaching each subject through each of these faculties widens the perspective and creative analysis of the intelligence being exercised.  People vary in the way they are wired, and this should be worked with and developed into a state of coherence whereby one can expand upon and extend out past ones wiring.

This is a digraphic diagram of the elementary table we understand as the necessary educational ladder of the evolutionary process.  It is digraphic because each curriculum are existent in each other.  The affinity of each differentiated sub-division of the categorized forms the elements in accordance with the educational “Elemental” table.  For example, mathematics varies through different elements pertaining to the collaboration of the elements that produce its very being, i.e., Zero-point mathematics would be Earth during scientific approach and Air during analysis.  – Robert Mesure

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