Arks of Fire

a revolution in global regeneration

“that which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Today a great challenge is before us all: Daily, we witness the degradation of our planet and its natural resources, so it is understandable that many of us feel powerless to affect any real or meaningful change.  Yet, within our grasp are the tools, which have been proven to be effective over the past 42 years on all continents and in most nations throughout the world.  Daily Agnihotra has proven reliable in growing more crops, in less time, using less water.

Many believe that we are on the verge of creating a technological paradise where push button solutions become the answer to all our needs and desires.  Yet science and common sense tell quite another story as we begin to see the death of our great oceans and the destruction of the very food supply upon which we all depend.

Our Bio-Sphere and the diverse ecosystems that sustain it require our collective attention in order to heal and establish the balance long ago lost.  Modern Technology provides no such solution that can be implemented in a timely way yet this traditional ancient knowledge does and offers us a solution, which we may each take-up and practice daily in the comfort of our own homes.

Arks of Fire” is a phrase coined by Vasant Paranjpe as he described the need for communities to be established throughout the world as Arks of safety in the coming years.  These are to be communities where Homa Therapy in all of its many facets including Homa Organic Farming, detoxification, healing and self-development, is employed as the centerpiece of community activity producing a full range of benefits otherwise not possible in today’s polluted conditions.

It is the purpose of the Arks of Fire Initiative – in alliance with the discipline, Ecology & Regeneration in the School of Socio-Economics & Ecology at the NewEarth University – to bring this life-supporting template to others around the world who recognize the need and have a desire to follow the offered blueprint.



For 43 years Homa Therapy and Agnihotra has been introduced and taught far and wide by an exponentially growing army of volunteers/bioneers wherein today there is no place on earth where daily practice of this Ancient Solution to Modern Pollution cannot be found.

We welcome your participation and contribution to this unprecedented worldwide effort to restore our natural systems through daily performance of Agnihotra, which is the core discipline that lies at the heart of Homa Therapy.

These ancient practices have been resuscitated from the storehouse of wisdom known as Vedas, which literally translated means, knowledge.  Homa Therapy and the daily practice of Agnihotra, is a small fire tuned to the rhythm of sunrise and sunset—a way we each may affect regeneration and rejuvenation of our Bio-Sphere on a grand scale and over time… restore our planet to her original state of balance and magnificence.

As the sun rises with each new day people everywhere are discovering that they themselves hold the keys to the future of restorative change and rejuvenation of our planet.  The signs can be seen everywhere, like sprigs of grass emerging through the asphalt defying man’s attempts to dominate nature at every turn in the road.  As Albert Einstein once said, “when the solution is simple and within reach of the common man therein lies the hand of God.”

As, We the People awaken to the inevitability of global rejuvenation the news is also spreading through the board rooms of business, the legislative and executive bodies of governments and grassroots activism recognizing Agnihotra as a powerful tool we may each use to begin the process of global healing and in so doing, heal ourselves and protect the future generations of the yet, unborn.


join with us to heal the planet

by taking up the daily practice of Agnihotra

and become an Ark of Fire in your community