What is New Earth in simple terms?

It is a global movement to support all members of the human family in exercising their innate and absolute freedom beyond the constraints of rogue government and bureaucracy.

Who or what is the New Earth leadership?

The NewEarth Project is guided by the NewEarth Trustees. When our job is done we will step aside. New Earth Nation on the other hand is, and will always be, led solely by its members – self-governance in the aggregate.

What does New Earth mean by sovereignty?

The freedoms to determine ones own life path without fear or the imposition of a set of rules or standards imposed by another. A conscious state in which an enlightened ethic, practiced spontaneously has replaced a moral code, enforced by the blind.

What is the social contract I am entering into with New Earth Nation?

The New Earth social contract requires nothing more, or less, than for all participants to endeavour to live in accordance with natural law, to do no harm, and to mutually assist one another to advance their own perfection and that of the human condition.

How do my skills or talents integrate with the New Earth?

With ease, flexibility & grace… Whatever you do, or whatever your respective art may be, you can continue to do it, and express it, in the New Earth. The only difference will be that no one will be telling you how you can and can’t do it, nor otherwise imposing limitations on your creative expression.

What about passports, identity papers etc?

Everyone can and should continue to use his/her existing documents until such time as they are comfortable enough with who they are to transcend the need for them altogether. In time New Earth Nation may seek to issue its own passports which do not carry the same conditions as those issued currently by governments of the world, unless and until quantum transportation devices render the issue moot.

How do I set up a New Earth Community in my area?

The NewEarth Community Portal has been released.  Check out www.newearthproject.org to get involved with (or initiate) a NewEarth Community project in your area.

What does it cost to enter the New Earth?

The cost of entering the New Earth is giving up your dependency on others to make your decisions and provide for you; it is the end of your capacity to diminish yourself by blaming others for your circumstances; and it is the end of your ability to hide behind your own illusions. Whilst the New Earth Trust is developing communities which people may choose to join by purchasing a home, the primary purpose of the project is not the construction of physical communities; it is the empowerment of each member of the human family to reclaim their sovereign birthright, and providing platforms which support this process. Participating in this way costs nothing (except the loss of your illusions). Prices for community homes built by the New Earth Trust start at around $50,000 (or equivalent)

Are there any organised and operating communities in place now? is this real?

The NewEarth Community Portal (www.newearthproject.org) shows all past, present and future community projects.  Most of these community projects are undertaken by real people on-the-ground, they are not necessarily following a prescribed template. The NewEarth Trust is currently in the process of expanding development of its ‘signature' NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia.  In April, 2017 it was the location for the inaugural NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival, and it is slated for a NewEarth Retreat in 2018.

What makes New Earth different from other community models?

Unlike other community models, New Earth is not a community model at all. New Earth provides open and free spaces within which sovereign human beings may unite with other sovereign human beings in real and virtual community environments. How each group chooses to cooperate and interact with each other is at the sole discretion of that group. The New Earth Team will provide guidance and wisdom where it is explicitly requested, and where they are able.

What is a fractal community?

Fractality describes an infinitely increasing and infinitely decreasing repetitive pattern which emanates from a ‘zeropoint’. Every aspect of the natural world manifests through a fractal pattern. A fractal community is a community template based on the principles of fractality.

Why create communities and living environments using sacred geometry?

‘Sacred’ geometry generally refers to the design principles, proportions and ratios which nature itself employs in the creation of all life. By mimicking nature in the design of man-made spaces, our living environments integrate and harmonise with the natural world around them and provide for the free flow of natural energies within them.

Which technologies will be made available through the New Earth Project?

NewEarth Project and its learning arm, the NewEarth University is a multi-faceted platform for the dissemination and exemplification of ALL aligned technologies across the five core aspects of community infrastructure – energy, water, waste, food and construction or building. The NewEarth Technology Index will highlight all such technologies, and provide information on how you can make, buy or otherwise obtain them. (Stay-tuned at https://newearthsanctuary.aweb.page for more developments in 2023.)

When can I move to a New Earth Community?

The first communities launched by the NewEarth Trust are in development. The prototype NE Haven – (Bali, Indonesia) was created with domes and Akasha Villa an organic restaurant, featuring the inaugural NewEarth Festival in April, 2017. Don't wait for us to develop your perfect community… find some like-minded people and consider creating your own or go to new earth sanctuary and plan to visit us in Bacalar, Mexico for inspiration and immersion into the New Earth metric (2023)

What about education in the New Earth?

The NewEarth University (formally known as the NE Institute) creates a wide range of educational services available to all, but it is the sacred duty of every sovereign being to educate themselves according to their own will. NewEarth Communities will offer learning centers (NEU Campuses) for the education of children of all ages, who ought to be free to determine the course of their own education. Please visit the NEU School of The Living Arts for more information about new-paradigm learning & education.

Who are the New Earth Fellows?

At NewEarth University's home page main-menu ABOUT, click a tab, Fellows. These remarkable individuals are renowned scientists, physicians, innovators, researchers, teachers, and guides of many disciplines. Their exemplary wisdom-knowledge and expertise is offered to all as a free-flowing exchange in alignment with the NewEarth ethos.

Are resources provided for free to the general public or only to New Earth Members/Residents?

All wisdom-knowledge presented as organic content (resource toolkits) from the Schools of NewEarth University (formally known as the NE Institute) is provided freely to all – accessible 24/7.  And, enjoy NEU's complimentary mini e-courses from faculty and affiliates.  Other learning resources (such as comprehensive e-courses, webinars, workshops, etc) may be fee-based to acknowledge a presenter's effort (as well as Media and IT staff working behind the scenes to produce these events).  However, this will not affect New Earth's commitment to ensure that the extensive (and continually growing) library of material belongs to the people around the world, not a select few.

How may I participate in continued learning, workshops and courses being offered?

Go to www.newearth.university – the NewEarth University's (NEU) online learning platform. Click on Courses at the main menu. For complimentary mini-courses, programs and resources also browse the NEU Library and enter each School for content offered freely.

Can I live between different New Earth Communities around the globe?

Yes, in time the NewEarth Community Portal will incorporate features which facilitate the movement and exchange of those who wish to live between communities in a flexible and cooperative manner.

What if I need urgent medical care and have completely left behind the old world?

We don’t do “what ifs” … we do consciousness in action. In time, regional NewEarth Healing Centres will be created by participating community groups, however as sovereign men and women it is our collective responsibility to provide for our own needs or to evolve to a state in which we have none.  If we need the security of medical support then we help create the platform to deliver it.  And of course it’s never too late to return to an old-world hospital and pay for medical care, but is that really the future you want to manifest?

How much will it cost to build my own community?

That will depend entirely on what you wish to create, how much you and your group will manage the process yourself, where you are located and many other variables… If you are in the tropics and intend to build yourself, resources requirement will be around $300-$600/m2 or equivalent.  If you are in Europe or the USA this figure could easily double.  This does not include costs associated with infrastructure, which will be entirely site specific.