What is the NewEarth?

The NewEarth is a global movement to support all members of the human family in exercising their innate and absolute freedom beyond the constraints of rogue government and bureaucracy.

Who are NewEarth leaders?

The NewEarth Project 2.0 is guided by a dedicated, seasoned NewEarth Team worldwide. NewEarth is, and will always be, led solely by its members – self-governance in the aggregate – that means, You.

What’s the social contract to enter NewEarth?

The NewEarth social contract requires nothing more, or less, than for all participants to endeavor to live in accordance with natural law, ie, to do no harm, and to mutually assist one another to advance their own perfection and that of the human condition.

How do my skills & talents integrate in NewEarth?

With ease, flexibility & grace… Whatever you do, or whatever your respective talent may be – as long as it causes no harm to others – you may continue to do it, and express it, in the NewEarth. In alignment with the NewEarth ethos honoring all… the difference will be that no one will be demanding you to do it, nor otherwise impose limitations on your creative expression.

Passports, identity papers?

As sovereign beings, everyone may continue to use his/her existing documents until such time as they are comfortable enough with who they are to transcend the need for them altogether.

What’s the cost to enter NewEarth?

The cost of entering the NewEarth movement is giving up your dependency on others to make your decisions and provide for you! You were born Sovereign. It is the end of your capacity to diminish yourself by blaming others for your circumstances; and, it is the end of your ability to hide behind your own illusions. Whilst the NewEarth is developing, folks may choose to join by purchasing a home, however, the primary purpose of the project is not the construction of physical communities; it is the empowerment of each member of the human family to reclaim their sovereign birthright, providing platforms (like the NewEarth University) to support this process. Participating in this way costs nothing (except the loss of your illusions).

Is NewEarth different from other models?

Unlike other community models, NewEarth is not a community model at all. NewEarth provides open and free spaces within which sovereign human beings may unite with other sovereign human beings in real and virtual community environments. How each group chooses to cooperate and interact with each other is at the sole discretion of that group. NewEarth’s Team provides wisdom and guidance when explicitly requested, and as able.

Why create communities / environments using sacred geometry?

‘Sacred’ geometry generally refers to the design principles, proportions and ratios which nature itself employs in the creation of all life. By mimicking nature in the design of man-made spaces, our living environments integrate and harmonise with the natural world around them and provide for the free flow of natural energies within them.

Will technologies will be made available through the NewEarth?

NewEarth’s worldwide UN-Learning/Learning arm, the NewEarth University (NEU), is a multi-faceted platform for the dissemination and exemplification of ALL aligned technologies across the five core aspects of community infrastructure – energy, water, waste, food and construction or building. The NewEarth Technology Index will highlight all such technologies, and provide info on how you can make, buy or otherwise obtain them. (Stay-tuned at https://newearthhorizon.com/about/ for more developments in 2023 and beyond…)

Are there NewEarth Communities?

A prototype NE Haven – (Bali, Indonesia) was created in 2014 with domes, large staging area for worldwide symposia and the Akasha Villa, which is an organic restaurant. NE Haven was the site for your inaugural NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival in April, 2017; and the World Health Sovereignty Summit in 2019. Don’t wait for us to develop your perfect community… find like-minded people and consider creating your own. Visit new earth sanctuary to learn of a developing NewEarth Sanctuary in Bacalar, Mexico (2023 and beyond…). Remember, community projects are undertaken by real people, teams on-the-ground. The NewEarth Project 2.0 is in process of expanding development of its ‘signature’ NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia into Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Regenesis Retreat hosted by NE founder Sacha Stone will be held Summer Solstice 2023 at the sacred waters of the Laguna in Bacalar, Mexico.

What about education in our NewEarth?

The online NewEarth University (NEU) –  formally known as the NE Institute – launched in 2016. It has a wide range of inspiring educational services available to all, but it is the sacred duty of every sovereign being to educate themselves according to their own will. The vision of NewEarth is to offer NEU Campuses for the education of children of all ages, who must be free to determine the course of their own education. Please visit NEU’s School of The Living Arts for more info about new-paradigm learning & education.

Who are the NEU Fellows?

At NewEarth University’s main-menu ABOUT NEU, click tab: Fellows. These remarkable individuals are renowned scientists, physicians, innovators, researchers, teachers and guides of many disciplines. Their exemplary wisdom-knowledge and expertise is a free-flowing exchange in alignment with our NewEarth ethos.

Are any resources free?

Yes! Wisdom-knowledge presented as organic content (resource toolkits) from the 6 Schools of NewEarth University (NEU) is provided FREELY to all – accessible 24/7 at newearth.university Enjoy NEU’s free library & complimentary mini e-courses from faculty, fellows, staff and affiliates. Comprehensive e-courses and/or workshops are fee-based. New Earth’s commitment is to ensure that a growing repository of material belongs to all people of the world, not a select few.

Where is Workshop & Course info?

Please visit www.newearth.university – NewEarth University’s (NEU) online UN-Learning/Learning platform. Click Courses at the main menu – getting started, ie, you’ll need a free account. For complimentary mini-courses and resources browse NEU’s Library and its 6 Schools for free toolkit content.

Can I live in different NewEarth Communities?

Yes, in a flexible and cooperative manner.

What if urgent medical care is needed?

We don’t do “what ifs” … we do consciousness in action. The vision is for regional NewEarth Healing Centers to be created by participating community groups, however as sovereign men and women it is our collective responsibility to provide for our own needs or to evolve to a state in which we have none. If we need the security of medical support then we help create the platform to deliver it. And of course it’s never too late to return to an old-world hospital and pay for medical care, but is that the future you wish to fully manifest?