About New Earth

about new earth

new earth project

The New Earth Project is an open platform to unite humanity in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity. The New Earth Trust is the name of the organisation which is responsible for facilitating the New Earth Project.

The Project proceeds from the insight that the foundation for delivering this grand vision must be the condition of absolute freedom and sovereign creative expression for all

We therefore undertake programs and initiatives (New Earth University, New Earth Exchange, New Earth Retreats etc) which support the emergence of this condition.

The New Earth Project is to be distinguished from New Earth Nation which is simply a jurisdiction; your jurisdiction; for you and all those who empower its existence to deliberate determine and act towards its self-governance. We at the New Earth Trust are not your government and have no say in the matter.

The New Earth Trust is purposed to help people to realise and exercise their inherent sovereignty and transition more easily to the state of being which typifies New Earth Nation, to provide tools and resources which the people of the New Earth may elect to utilise if and how they choose… and more specifically:

  • To cause the implementation of the New Earth Blueprint in whatever way it may from time to time express.
  • To empower a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright.
  • To globally showcase a collective vision for a sustainable world.
  • To cause the removal of all conditions which create scarcity and fear for the human family.
  • To unify humanity, beyond all systems and enclosures which seek to support its separation.
  • To advance the human condition by facilitating new models for education, healing and socio-economics.
  • To provide protected environments (land) for the development of conscious communities and other activities required by these purposes.
  • To establish physical environments & communities which foster human & planetary wellbeing and sustainable prosperity.
  • To establish educational institutes for the advancement of human knowledge & wisdom.
  • To create permanent ‘real-time’ expositions for innovation in sustainable and conscious living.
  • To remediate depleted eco-systems.
  • To protect the environment.
  • To facilitate access, for all members of the human family, to the world’s most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities.
  • To advance genuine health and welfare through the creation and ongoing operation of a global network of healing and wellness centres with a central focus on genuine modern science and healing arts addressing and treating the causes of ill health and disease.
  • To facilitate expositions & events which present a sustainable vision for a New Earth through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.
  • To create platforms which promote positive and sustainable economic values, and fair, equitable practices of exchange & finance, free from usury, which clear pathways to human abundance.
  • To facilitate egalitarian society and true democratic empowerment of all people of the world through the promotion of the principles of self-governance, self-determination, individual responsibility, individual freedom, natural justice and service to others.
  • To protect, develop and promote advanced and alternative technologies, and their innovators, which complement our commitment to planetary well-being and the advancement of humankind.

new earth nation

New Earth Nation is a fellowship of sovereign nations and micro-nations founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition.

It is an open invitation to every member of the human family to transition away from all systems and enclosures which limit our capacity for creative self-expression, and instead unite as an extraterritorial family of sovereign individuals who, with the support and solidarity of that family, are collectively empowered to consciously co-create a new paradigm of prosperity, harmony and abundance.

Membership to New Earth Nation is open to all

You can become a member of New Earth Nation by ratifying the New Earth Treaty

Proceeding from the insight that real land and real people are the foundation of life on planet earth and that recognition of the inherent perfection and of the equal and unalienable natural rights of those lands and peoples is the only foundation for a new paradigm of freedom, peace, prosperity, harmony and abundance in the world, the framework of New Earth Nation is built upon three pillars:

Read the New Earth Treaty


new earth university

The NewEarth University (NEU) is a supra-national, interactive hub and chalice for wisdom-keeping, knowledge sharing, and freedom of continued UN-Learning/Learning – availed openly to all people, transcending any and all limitations based on ones origin, status, age, background or financial capacity.

We invite—through heartfelt connection—leading pioneers and aligned institutions and organizations to nest within our continually evolving University Schools and Initiatives. At the NewEarth University we share wisdom, knowledge and information without discrimination – dynamically bypassing controlled academia and media-manipulated disinformation, which has hitherto polluted and defiled true learning and knowledge sharing in our age.

As this unprecedented full-spectrum educational platform (online and on-site) continues to evolve, our dedicated fellows, faculty and staff maintain the vision of offering the most effective, accessible, intuitive and self-empowering educational resources on Earth – an interactive playground for real creative collaboration and expansion.

A New Pathway in Education

The creation of a new pathway to true learning and growth is not some futuristic goal, but available now.

The NewEarth University facilitates international organizations dedicated to the open flow of both ancient wisdom and break-through knowledge and technologies, via international symposia, courses, workshops, retreats and seminars.


NEU embraces the understanding that true education is a natural process of UN-Learning / Learning and remembering. Coming into harmony with oneself allows this natural process to be self-organizing and efficient.

To support this process of learning and remembering, we offer a teach/ learn – learn/ teach model, in which the simplicity and ease of access to information is the core principle. Knowledge that is rooted and presented through the NewEarth University is offered without subjective interference.

Informational resources, courses and programs by pioneering scholars are designed to empower all peoples, to embrace their inherent sovereignty and divinity. These include toolkit materials across each of the principal areas of human endeavor, to serve as a catalyst for meaningful change in one’s life, community and planetary condition.

new earth exchange

Economics – inspired from the Greek principle oikonomia or the management of the household – connotes the organization of a system that promotes the identification, utilization, proliferation, production, distribution, stewardship, consumption and exchange of goods, services, and experiences by a group or community.One of the core principles of New Earth is the recognition that individual members within communities benefit from conscious exchange of value between and among each other and that this value exchange can be aligned to abundant gratitude and service. Consciously honouring the manifold abundance of the physical and intangible realms, the New Earth recognizes the opportunities that emerge when the flow of value exchange – currency in its literal, flowing sense – is sentient and expressly honours all participating members in an ecosystem including the ecosystem itself.

Wealth in the New Earth is discerned by the facility with which members and communities can maximally access and exchange value with the least impediments to themselves and the ecosystem.Acknowledging that abundance calls forth discernment, generosity and stewardship, our choice is to facilitate and honour the flow and transmission of value within networks rather than reinforcing fear induced scarcity illusions that lead to hoarding and insecurity.Economic power, once synonymous with oppression, is reclaimed in light of the actual ease with which value exchange energy can flow throughout the ecosystem per unit time.The more value exchange flow by and between actors in the systems, the more economic power.

Inspired by, and in homage to the abundant nature that surrounds us, we understand that economic systems must be sentient, scaled, and suitable.Value must be discerned within and by the exchanging parties and must be explicitly offered and received.Value cannot be imposed by fiat and can in no manner be an agent of indenture or suppression.The flow of value within the system must be scaled to number of engaging participants and to the productivity of the same.Perpetual growth (an attribute of malignant disease) and illusory excess (an attribute of ego) are set aside in favour of exchanges by and between rationale actors sharing common and aligned value understandings rendered in explicit form.Units of value are aligned with the nature of value in exchange.As often as possible, optimal utilization of stewarded resources is valued most highly when no surrogate of exchange (value temporarily stored as money) is required.In short, conscious actors engaging freely with each other are emancipated from the singular surrogacy of the previous monetary systems of indenture and exploitative malignant growth.

In acknowledgment of that fact the transition to a worldwide economic transformation will be a phased experience with sovereign beings moving from previous paradigms into the new, New Earth introduces the New Earth Exchange. The New Earth Exchange is the transitional, alternative platform for transparent and transactional exchange which:

  1. Allows investments, large and small, to be made into New Earth developments & initiatives, and into other programs and initiatives which embody the New Earth ethic, without the reliance on indenture-based banking interests.
  2. Allows those investments to be deployed anywhere in the world on whatever is necessary to deliver the various developments & initiatives.
  3. Provides a repository for tangible resources which can collateralize the creation of a New Earth.
  4. Allows all people to use their old currencies to purchase New Earth homes (and other products) valued and sold in New Earth Currency.
  5. Offers a mutual credit ‘memory of transaction’ currency system, for use within the New Earth global community itself allowing communities and other project participants to exchange with each other around the planet.
  6. Offers non-indenture payments and currency systems for all mankind facilitating the protection of human freedom, liberty and privacy through free exchange for all people of the world, serving as a transition to a mutual credit system.

Those expending their energy in service of any aspect of the New Earth Exchange do so from a place of service. At their election, they may receive exchangeable compensation in New Earth Promissories, and earnings are transparent.

new earth blueprint

For further info please also download and read the new earth blueprint pdf, available in multiple languages. (2023 note: this pdf is a bit outdated)