Declaration – Thank You

Thank you for declaring your sovereignty.

Your declaration was successfully received and we are delighted to count you amongst our planetary family.

Sovereignty is a way of life – one which you have now taken the first steps to embodying… In providing the foundation for the emergence of a New Earth, and the unfettered expression of inherent sovereignty, please consider now establishing yourself, your family or your community as a micro-nation… the micro-nation framework offers you, your family or your community the tangible opportunity for a sovereign existence.

When you then create a micro-nation profile and ratify the New Earth Treaty (the global covenant of peace and fellowship), you will be a full member of New Earth Nation, and part of a global fellowship of self-governing men and women whom, through strength in numbers, have the opportunity to take human sovereign expression to ever new heights.

A New Earth is upon us!

In fellowship and affection,

The NewEarth Team

You can also now visit the Law Academy for more information and support on exercising sovereignty in your daily life.