Reclaim your sovereignty

Empowering all people of the world to reclaim their sovereignty is the principal purpose of the NewEarth Project

Pursuant to fulfilling that purpose, we offer a series of tools, resources and platforms with which you can engage to support you in reclaiming your sovereign throne…

New Earth Nation is our principal initiative in this regard – for anyone who is serious about reclaiming their sovereignty, New Earth Nation offers the tangible platform through which this may be realised.

In addition to guiding you through the process of establishing yourself or your family / community / tribe as a sovereign nation, New Earth Nation provides the basis for the emergence of a cooperative framework for aggregated self-governance, meaning that neither you nor your people need no longer stand alone in your plight for freedom and the right to self-determination.

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The NewEarth University (NEU) School of Natural Law

This School also provides tools, resources and guidance on both the philosophical and practical aspects of sovereignty.  The complimentary information provided at NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law is constantly evolving so please visit regularly, and make sure you have created an account as a member of the NewEarth Project to receive updates and latest news/information.

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Declare Your Sovereignty with New Earth

The New Earth Declaration of Sovereignty will enjoin the voices of thousands, then millions, of men and women across the globe, across all cultural and religious divides – putting all governments and globalist institutions on notice that it is they who serve the people and not the other way round, and that their services are no longer required.*

Declare Your Sovereignty


*Making a New Earth Declaration of Sovereignty does not in itself confer any sovereign rights to you – it is first and foremost a statement of intent to yourself – your first step on the road to self-determination.

For a stronger foundation, consider taking the steps necessary to establish yourself, family, community or tribe as a sovereign nation and joining New Earth Nation.  But no matter what you do, remember, ultimately, that sovereignty is a state of being – one which, when embodied in its fullest, transcends the very notions of status, identity and rights altogether!


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