Donate Land

Donations of land to New Earth may be with or without condition.

Acceptable conditions are:

  • To require that the land be used for the development of a NewEarth Haven Community or Venue, and to require that land be transferred back, should the same not have commenced within a period of three years.
  • To require residency within any completed community development.
  • Other conditions may be considered on a case by case basis provided that they are congruent with the spirit of the New Earth Blueprint.

We do however reserve the right to refuse any donation of land.

Whilst any donation of land may be accepted, for New Earth to be able to utilise the land as a NewEarth Venue the land will need to be a minimum of 15 acres (6 hectares).  In certain locations where land is less fertile or where there are specific conservation issues or site restrictions, the minimum workable size of land will be greater.

Where the land is smaller than the minimum size, and it may not therefore be possible for the land to be effectively purposed for community development, donors will not be able to require that the land be used for community development or therefore require the construction of a home for them as part of any community development.

There is no maximum size of donation.

If you would like to donate your land to New Earth, please email us at: [email protected]