New Earth Treaty

International Law is based upon Natural Law – the Law of Nations IS the Law of Nature! Supplementing this foundation are Treaties.

A Treaty is usually defined as a formal agreement between two or more nations or states, regarding international relations. The New Earth Treaty is no different, however YOU are the nation!

The New Earth Treaty provides the basis for a new planetary covenant of fellowship, and serves as a universal agreement on the unalienable natural rights of men and women.

Read the New Earth Treaty

Full membership of New Earth Nation arises when you ratify the New Earth Treaty. The Treaty may be ratified by sovereign nations and micro-nations. If you would like to ratify the New Earth Treaty you can do so:

  • as an established and recognised organic nation or micro-nation, by creating a member profile at
  • as an individual, by establishing your own non-territorial micro-nation.
  • as a family, community or tribe, by establishing your own territorial micro-nation.

This pre-requisite to ratifying the Treaty (i.e. that the individual must first be a properly constituted micro-nation) exists is to help ensure that:

  1. All parties have attained the level of understanding necessary to properly self-govern, and
  2. All those individuals and groups whose capacities to properly self-govern are beyond reproach have the confidence to ratify the New Earth Treaty, having full knowledge of who and what their fellow members are and what they stand for.

One may also enjoy the benefits of full membership with New Earth Nation by becoming a member or national of a member nation.