Are there NewEarth Communities?

A prototype NE Haven – (Bali, Indonesia) was created in 2014 with domes, large staging area for worldwide symposia and the Akasha Villa, which is an organic restaurant. NE Haven was the site for your inaugural NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival in April, 2017; and the World Health Sovereignty Summit in 2019. Don’t wait for us to develop your perfect community… find like-minded people and consider creating your own. Visit new earth sanctuary to learn of a developing NewEarth Sanctuary in Bacalar, Mexico (2023 and beyond…).

Remember, community projects are undertaken by real people, teams on-the-ground. The NewEarth Project 2.0 is in process of expanding development of its ‘signature’ NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia into Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Regenesis Retreat hosted by NE founder Sacha Stone will be held Summer Solstice 2023 at the sacred waters of the Laguna in Bacalar, Mexico.