New Earth Nations is a federation of self-governing sovereign nations, creating villages and
communities in which we can live peacefully, abundantly, and in harmony with nature.

Why New Earth Nations?

To heal our planet we must begin to live together the way we want, in our own societies, that we govern ourselves, according to our own morality.

Imagine you do not have to worry about money, or security. Imagine that what you do every day is enjoyable and fun. You are appreciated for what you contribute in both knowledge and expertise. You are engaged in building a culture you are proud of, for generations to come.

The mission of New Earth Nations is to provide the support to build strong, financially independent sovereign nations.

New Earth Nations unifies and supports those who create sovereign nations.  It will be a repository of best practices. It offers services for legal structuring, economic and capital planning, community design and construction, and new community member selection and training. It proposes a Resource Based Economic model that helps people live fulfilled lives, while doing the work they love. When a community shares resources, it inspires a culture that takes care of its members for the long term.

Read the New Earth Nations Values?

How Does It Work?

Since the inception of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2006, and it’s ratification by almost every UN member state, the mechanism has been present, in the world, to enforce the natural rights of indigenous peoples to reclaim their ancestral lands and traditions.

Wherever you are from, there is an ancestry which predates every modern cultural incursion. Even the nations notorious for colonizing others – in Europe the Celts, in the UK the Britons, etc. – every land has an original peoples.

New Earth Nations is a federation of nations whose founders are the descendants of those original peoples, and whose territories enable restoration of their lands for their people.

Every New Earth Nation ratifies a covenant guaranteeing certain rights and aligning to the following common principles:

  • engender peace in its fullest expression
  • free all men and women from debt-slavery, usury or any other form of human energy harvesting
  • respect the individual sovereign condition
  • restore balance, biodiversity, health and well-being to our sentient earth
  • exercise integrity in our lives and relations

New Earth Nations Member nationals are you, and people like you, who, in recognition of the natural right to move and associate freely, can join and one or more member nations whom you and the member nations’ administrations are agreeable to.

Create a secondary persona (that isn’t a citizen or subject of a nation-state) and use your new identity to conduct your affairs in the world.

While existing federations of nations serve only to bind men, women and children to unloving systems, New Earth Nations is purposed to free all from their advancing grip.

Ways To Participate

Become a member of a sovereign member nation – search our membership, find the nation that most suits you, and ask to join them. Then, protect your land or property by assigning your land as a territory or embassy of a sovereign member nation. That nation then deeds the land to you.

Establish your own sovereign nation. Sign up for the next nation-building boot camp and create your nation alongside others doing the same.

Join the community and spread the word. Join New Earth Nations’ community social networking portal, and share the platform with your own networks.


We love to hear from you! Please let us know how can we help (and how can you help!) :)


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