Community Focus – Ubud

The NewEarth Haven Focus is on working with the community in which it is geographically situated, to provide healing and the best available outcome for all parties.  Plans and considerations for the Ubud Location include:

  • International Tourism expanded out from Ubud and into the neighboring/local village of Keliki
  • Add value to the local community without diminishing its natural resources — minimal foot print & 20150331-P1120872zero harm to the local ecology
  • All jobs first offered to the local villagers — builders, workers, staff, property maintenance, drivers, tour guides, massage therapists, yoga instructors, gardeners, etc. (most likely in excess of 25 jobs)
  • Huge increase in accommodations for local home stays. There are 25 local home stays here in Keliki which all stand to benefit
  • Partnership opportunities for local rice farmers. Allow access to a small piece of land, rice harvesting continues with 100% of profits going to farmer, substantial increase in annual income.
  • Direct access to developing solutions (i.e. converting GMO fields to organic, alternative energy technologies, sustainable bamboo building opportunities, etc.)

Contact Brian Kelly if you want to get involved:  [email protected]

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