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The Physical Counter-Balance (Supercharge your Body)

“Everything in the universe is energy, and what you do with it makes all the difference” – Einstein

The most important thing to remember is that fear and anger creates contraction and more illness than any chemicals ever could. The whole universe is energy, and the question is, will this energy kill you, or will you use it for your benefit?

Our life is determined by the energy level we live at. As we embark on the journey of physical life-goaltransformation, we begin also the spiritual journey or transformation. Consider the body to be the radio transmitter for consciousness, a purer vessel transmits a clearer signal. Following the logical progression of this correlation one can see how physical transformation and consciousness transformation go hand in hand. As we cleanse our bodies, we are more easily able to connect to our inner guidance and thus our blueprint for health.  The truth is that Chemtrails were designed and intended to be devastating to health, but the ultimate truth is that you have the power to consciously change your relationship to them. Consciousness can create a place where anything can be used for positive transformation; this is what the New World is all about.

woman meditating on the beachThe cornerstone for vitality is peace of mind, clear direction of thought towards desired outcomes and strength in knowing that no matter what is happening around us we have the internal power and wisdom to overcome. This is not an invite however to sit back and relax into apathy or lethargy, we still need to take care of our biological parts. What the real-ization of self empowerment and service to our temple actualize is a vital physical body that can handle any kind of pollution, and a strong vehicle with the energy to affect change. By taking control of your own biochemistry, a position is created where we are able to bring light into the world for others. Ultimately we are making a shift on every level, from a life deteriorating paradigm to a life generating one, taking action from a foundation of power.

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“Empowering humanity to transcend modern illness and restoring the strength, vitality and beauty of our natural design”.

Further Action for the Individual

  • Share your knowledge with your family and friends, raise awareness in your community, send letters to your local member of Parliament asking them questions, send them photo copies of your evidence asking for an explanation.
  • Practice prayer and meditation over water.  Tribal elders are forming many groups around the world, the 13 grandmothers, indigenous groups and heart centered individuals like yourself can make a profound difference to the structure of water with intention.  Have dedicated days to water healing. Encourage prayer and healing intention around bodies of water and spread the intention to all the waters of the earth, apologize for the mistreatment and pollution, give thanks for the life it gives.
  • The Law and Governance faculty of the New Earth Project is currently undertaking the task of facilitating the creation of the first International Tribunal of Natural Justice, an opportunity for individuals to gather evidence of harm, loss or damage caused by corporations and or individuals, and to be taken to trial by a jury of their peers.

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Clear Airspace

Cloud busters – These devices designed by Austrian Wilhelm Reich use ‘cosmic orgone energy’ to neutralize effects of chemtrails.

Agnihorta – This Aryuvedic ceremony performed at sunrise and sunset is a powerful practice to cleanse the atmosphere energetically and physically.

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