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Visit our portal to explore the 2017 Ancient Futures Festival that was held in Bali, Indonesia at our NewEarth Haven (near Ubud)

A global seed gathering of aligned hearts and minds coming together to co-create a sustainable, solution-based vision of our future through play, movement, learning, celebration, and an exploration of the elements …

The NewEarth Project celebrates the healing magic of sound and stunning performances with a line-up of the world’s most cosmic and talented beings, providing a sacred space for all to express their uniqueness outwardly and inwardly within a community-vibe that only a Festival can create.


Our unique 5-Day Festivals are immersion events – a gathering of Souls – hosting award-winning and popular international and domestic bands and artists.  All gather in sacred play as Community to perform usually from sunset to midnight… then relay on to guest DJs who spin to the dance-floor, sometimes until sunrise.

NewEarth Festival music and performances are produced in harmony with the theme of each Festival.  An annual concept album is planned for eventual release on the NewEarth label as well as on the web, becoming a tool for promoting our Festivals’ astonishing sound and atmosphere to an international audience.  Leading classical musicians and theatrical performers grace the stages on all five days.


Daytime activities are chock-full of multi-faceted Music Events, Workshops, Classes, and world-class Symposia with renowned luminaries, Fellows and Faculty from the NewEarth University, etc. in an open-forum style.  These inspiring cutting-edge panel discussions illuminate all things New Earth, from… open-sourced energy, bio architecture, science & tech, sovereignty, health and wellness, new paradigm learning, art, ecology, and sacred ceremony – to name a few.

At the exact time of the setting sun, the ancient Agnihotra ceremony is performed.  Then the NewEarth Festival provides a global dance floor for exquisite forms of natural and ecstatic movement to the rhythms of our human nature.


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NewEarth Haven – Bali, 2017


“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

Friedrich Nietzche