The Vision, The Mission, The Concept

How do we manifest the world we most want to live in and the life we most want to live?

By be-ing it!!…. By do-ing!!!!….By Living it!!!!

New Earth Haven

Where art, beauty and consciousness fuse in harmonic symphony and committed architects of the ‘NewEarth’ are drawn to engage in an atmosphere of co-creative genius.

NewEarth Haven is the creation of consciously articulated community spirit, back dropped amongst the beauty of natural surroundings and bio-resonant structures.



Sowing the seeds of Heaven on Earth through the manifestation of artistic expression, natural beauty & balance; NewEarth Havens are hubs where people engage in innovative, exquisite expression and self-realization.

Consciously designed bio architectural eco domes set within a stunningly situated community 20121219-TRISHULA DOME  b (1)infrastructure provide the physical framework for the spark of pure creativity to ignite and mingle with the elements of life.

A space of beauty, harmonic natural relationship and sensuous pleasure that holds the nurturing creative essence for all visitors to celebrate their individual experience, whilst recognising the enchanted truth of interconnectedness and the foundation of community.

Designed to hold a high frequency resonance year round, the space will be an incubation center and originative combustion hub of short to mid-term visitors, and time share resident alike.


NewEarth Haven makes the dream accessible here and now.  The project recognises that the most productive way of sharing ideas, creating solutions and developing projects is to provide a platform through which the Spirit of creativity is bound to flourish and quantum leaps are not only possible, but inevitable.

20121219-TRISHULA DOME  b (3)NewEarth Café, designed to be the central hub of the Haven project will offer freshly prepared local, organic food, with a wide selection of raw juices, smoothies, elixirs and an emphasis on organic raw, vegan and vegetarian foods as well as structured volcanic well-water, high speed internet and a welcoming environment.

Thought leaders, engineers, imagineers and light warriors the world over will be invited to host seminars, work shops and events, designed to raise awareness for a wide range of high impact ideas, technologies, systems and structures all of which carry the potential to inspire massive environmental, social and global change.

NE Haven offers the space to engage, and educate the public on the NewEarth Project and NewEarth Nation, where the ethos can be absorbed and understood more clearly as well as provide a marketplace for showcasing NE Products, Technologies, Events, Technologies and Services.