Our Purpose

The NewEarth Youth Council is an initiative offering a voice for all youth to explore and express their empowered vision


~ FOR our Youth and BY our Youth ~

Welcome to the NewEarth Youth Council (NEYC) offering YOU support in the following ways:

  • YOU are not alone.
  • The NEYC initiative was created FOR Youth and BY Youth, helping all to discover their true purpose.
  • We provide a new systems platform for youth to realize that they are not alone.
  • We provide a sacred space for youth of all ages to express themSelves, thereby helping each Soul to experience a deeper connection to one’s inner voice and heart-space.
  • NEYC aims to facilitate organic personal growth and nurture natural gifts, for amplification inward and outward into all Creation.
  • We provide support and assistance to young people starting and/or advancing their own initiatives.
  • We are youth helping youth to explore and discover a true vocation within the global NewEarth Community aligned with NE University’s discipline, Learning & Education in the School of The Living Arts.

Additionally the NewEarth Youth Council seeks to:

  • Establish a global Youth-based Council, generating and integrating young voices from a place of natural wisdom, innocence and respect.
  • Anchor a vortex to attract kindred spirits vibrating on a high frequency of loving co-operative progression.
  • Encourage creative unity and perpetual growth to realize one’s own world and its unlimited possibilities by manifesting a new earth that thrives within the soul of all life-forms throughout the Multi-verse.

If you are young-at-heart and interested in joining us as we co-create a better world of peace, please send an email at: [email protected]

goals for our youth council

The NewEarth Youth Council (NEYC) initiates and supports the sovereign empowerment of youths all over the world through encouragement and provision of grassroots education as well as encouraging a deeper connection to Self, community and the Earth.  Potential and evolution is organically expressed in a nurturing feedback within a whole systems environment to allow conscious co-creation, coordination, and team-building solidarity.

It is the driving passion of NEYC to share abundance principles through mixed cultures in peaceful, mutually engendered collaboration among all youth of the world.

re-calibrating education

The word sustainable has been used in many contexts, but for the purpose of this expression, sustainability not only paints a picture of maintenance and survival, but one of a thriving world; where processes of sweeping change are actively engaged to meet the needs of the present generation without harming the ability of the future generation; where processes are undertaken for restoration and regeneration, as well as co-inhabitance of life.  Where human impact is not only minimized, but also wherever possible beneficial, and constantly reviewed as new technologies and information becomes available.

For this to manifest the NEYC envisions:

  • Youth Council Learning Centers established worldwide in alignment with the NewEarth University’s School of The Living Arts for the purpose of inspiring youths – of all ages – with enlightening new paradigm perspectives.  NEYC centers are sacred space environments for NewEarth-Haven community-based approaches to full-spectrum sustainable development through re-calibrated education models.
  • Development of NewEarth-Haven Youth Community Gardens as part of Youth Council Centers where youths work together to grow organic produce on their allocated piece of land, to experience the joy and camaraderie of co-creating a desired tangible outcome.
  • Online and on-site seminars, workshops and programs to invite youth to share their thoughts, ideas, and gifts and indulge in activities that create wisdom and knowledge exchange; this in turn breeds empowerment.  Activities such as creative play, dancing, singing, movement, walking & running, acting, drawing, painting and all visual and performance arts, etc. are woven into curricula.

  • Open-sourced education for all is a directive of this initiative, with supplemental certification(s) and degrees after completion of training in alliance with NewEarth University’s School of The Living Arts.
  • Gatherings led by youth for youth that are online and on-site – essential workshops, meetings, and support activities as we all move through the challenges and triumphs of life.
  • Collaborating with other youth groups, inviting an exchange of perspectives from various cultures, with conscious collaboration to form new and exciting social interaction.