The Bio-Dome

Bio-Dome prototype development

The Interactive Bio Dome is a combination of various custom developed biofeedback technologies, based on live display of the human energy systems. The Bio Dome also houses devices for increasing of human energy. The various sensors provide real time human bio photons display and Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV),a technique similar to Kirilian photography, whereby an image can be accurately mapped to show the biofield of an object. The Bio Dome uses body penetrating electromagnetic radiation in various frequencies as a method of increasing human energy. Each circuit of the Bio Dome vibrates not only on its natural frequency, but also on numerous harmonics. This produces a well rounded and articulate picture of the information being gathered.

Biodome 1 Biodome 2
Sound healing, meditation, distance healing methods and experiments in expansion of collective consciousness and Human Resonance will be held in the larger Bio Dome construction as the New Earth Bio-Resonance technology prototype.