Resonant Research and Development

The New Earth Bio- Resonance team brings together research and development in Bio-Resonance technologies for implementation in New Earth Project Resorts and Communities.

The proposed Bio-Resonance resort makes part of the planned construction of the New Earth Tesla Academy in the high plane region of Brazil – a powerful consciousness zone with Strong nature elements making possible human energy work and increasing potential in development of consciousness Technologies. The Tesla Institute will provide a platform for the creation of a global resonance Technologies center. The use of Bioelectrography devices such as the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) cameras of Dr. Korotkov Lav, will provide means for analysis and diagnosis of the human energy field. The fundamental scientific research will be part of the body of research that opens the way for international certification of various holistic treatment processes; bringing together most of the innovative sensors dealing with human energy field (biofeild) analysis. Furthermore, concrete applications of bio-resonance in health and wellness of holistic communities development can spring up from the incubator. The proposed research and development objectives are to involve studies of Bio resonance processes in the fields of New Earth Consciousness, Agriculture, Animals and production.

Research and development objectives

 To research and explore the relationships and affect of the following:fingersGDV

  • Bio-Resonance in New Earth Consciousness
  • Bio-Resonance in New Earth Agriculture
  • Bio-Resonance in New Earth Animals
  • Bio-Resonance in New Earth Production

Technology Transfer and Innovation for the 21st Century

o Establishment of the human energy laboratory

o Development of laboratory installation to provide interactive display of the

human energy field

o Development of integrated information system

o Development of distributed measurement and probing system connected to

the central database

Human Energy and Consciousness Research

o Research of human consciousness expansion methodschakra-energy-field-thumb10578128

o Research and development of human energy augmentation technologies

o Research of human to human and environment to human energy-information


o Research of effects of sport activities on human energy

o Research of influence of medical plants on human energy

o Research of the effects on human energy of alternative and holistic healing


Integral Education for the 21st Century

o Regional integral education center with curriculum based onaura_finger

consciousness-energy-living systems synergy

o Introduction to the planetary consciousness model based on macroscopic non-locality

o Organization of international seminars and technological cooperation conferences

o Cooperation with regional academic institutions and cooperative organization

o Promotion of innovation and development of alternative technologies

o Production and dissemination of information on new scientific methods

o Internet learning platform as the future of integral education in the 21st century