Bio-Resonance and Water

The ‘Wu – Wei’ of Water – Water is Life – BE the solution

The crystaline structure we are embodying at the essence of our watery architecture is a super computer that can be manipulated for the allowance of more light or more density.  Not only does the science of water apply directly to our biology, this sentient being flows benevolently into all aspects of life on Earth.  The use of Bio-resonance and the exploration of structured water and the influence it bears on agriculture has the potential to shift life ‘as we know it’.

A new method of monitoring water properties – dynamic Electrophotonic (EPC) analysis – has been developed. It is based on measuring water by using computer processing programs to gauge how the water surface has been stimulated by electromagnetic field photon emissions. The technology is based on the gas-discharge visualization (GDV) method. Numerous experiments demonstrated high sensitivity of the EPC analysis for detecting weak transformations of water under the influence of electromagnetic fields, air, light, and other subtle factors. The EPC method was used to detect the difference between natural and synthetic liquids. Different liquids, such as blood, saliva, microbiological cultures, and oils may be studied by this approach as well.

There is evidence that allows us to propose that EPC image properties are determined by the structure of the near-surface clusters, which means that the electrophotonic method is one of the informative methods for studying structural properties of liquids.

EPC GLOW 1 bio res waterA epc glow 2 biores waterepc glow 3 biores waterepc glow microscpoe biores water


Examples of EPC glow of different samples of water.
distilled water; b tap water; c structured water.

Korotkov, K. : Analysis of Stimulated   Electrophotonic Glow of Liquids

epc istallation 1 biores water    Aepc installation2 biores water    B  epc installation3 biores water  C   epc installation4 biores water D


EPC installations for studying different subjects. A,B – low-conductive liquids; C – grains; D – leaf.


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Use of structured water in agriculture and measurement of glow of liquids and plants

biores water1   biores water 2

Structured Water Unit installed at a Watermelon farm in India


bioreswater structire


Biores water table

Further study into the science of water and Bio-resonance offers the opportunity to influence food production, biology and bring together science and spirituality in an intelligent and supported forum.