New Earth Project

The NewEarth Project is an open platform to unite humanity in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity.  The NewEarth Trust is the name of the organisation which is responsible for facilitating the NewEarth Project.

The Project proceeds from the insight that the foundation for delivering this grand vision must be the condition of absolute freedom and sovereign creative expression for all.

We therefore undertake programs and initiatives (NewEarth University, NewEarth Havens, etc.) which support the emergence of this condition.

The NewEarth Project is to be distinguished from New Earth Nation which is simply a jurisdiction; your jurisdiction; for you and all those who empower its existence to deliberate, determine, and act towards its self-governance.  We at the NewEarth Trust are not your government and have no say in the matter.

The NewEarth Trust is purposed to help people to realise and exercise their inherent sovereignty and transition more easily to the state of being which typifies New Earth Nation, to provide tools and resources which the people of the New Earth may elect to utilise if and how they choose… and more specifically:

  • To cause the implementation of the NewEarth Blueprint in whatever way it may from time to time express.
  • To empower a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright.
  • To globally showcase a collective vision for a sustainable world.
  • To cause the removal of all conditions which create scarcity and fear for the human family.
  • To unify humanity, beyond all systems and enclosures which seek to support its separation.
  • To advance the human condition by facilitating new models for education, healing and socio-economics.
  • To provide protected environments (land) for the development of conscious communities and other activities required by these purposes.
  • To establish physical environments & communities which foster human & planetary wellbeing and sustainable prosperity.
  • To establish a new-paradigm educational platform (online and on-site NewEarth University campuses) for the advancement of human wisdom and knowledge.
  • To create permanent ‘real-time’ expositions for innovation in sustainable and conscious living.
  • To remediate depleted eco-systems.
  • To protect the environment.
  • To facilitate access, for all members of the human family, to the world’s most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities.
  • To advance genuine health and welfare through the creation and ongoing operation of a global network of healing and wellness centres with a central focus on genuine modern science and healing arts addressing and treating the causes of ill health and disease.
  • To facilitate expositions & events which present a sustainable vision for a New Earth through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.
  • To create platforms which promote positive and sustainable economic values, and fair, equitable practices of exchange & finance, free from usury, which clear pathways to human abundance.
  • To facilitate egalitarian society and true democratic empowerment of all people of the world through the promotion of the principles of self-governance, self-determination, individual responsibility, individual freedom, natural justice and service to others.
  • To protect, develop and promote advanced and alternative technologies, and their innovators, which complement our commitment to planetary well-being and the advancement of humankind.