Educational Disposition Of Elementary Youth Cultivation – Robert Mesure

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Educational Disposition of Elementary Youth Cultivation by Robert Mesure

Many people and authorities claim certain perceptions to be erroneous and illusory.  It is true and just that it is impossible to do something’s, or conceive of something’s using a certain type of technological faculty, or thought process.  But that doesn’t mean these things are impossible.  The current educational systems entrap the consciousness and intelligible compatibility of the human psyche.  We need to abolish the current system of educational fiction and narrow attention.

Using the Trivium as the central focalization — and weaving the systems of thought, the faculties of educational curriculum, (that have so consequentially been segregated) — a whole new breed of intelligence would flourish.  Through systematic heterogeneous affinity of educational curriculum and citation, intelligibility can progress at its own merit, inducing versatility through consensus and productivity of thought processes and expand into higher realms of mental sensibility.

As we evolve we are impelled to remove the exterior precepts instituted in current orthodox academia, because this is where humanity loses the “I” presence, and only applies the “AM” presence.  The “I” being aware of the inner universe, and the IAM artcapability of utilizing energy, creativity and idealism on mental and spiritual alchemy resulting in cosmic creation.  And the “AM” presence only being aware of the reality of the external world, not realizing the inner being that makes the latter possible.  This system compelling and motivating the psyche harmonizes the latter and the aforementioned “I “conveying the “IAM”, resulting in intelligible creative construction on an introspective basis of internal and externally spatialized productivity, self changeability and procreation.

The universe is infinite in its potential and its abode of educational and intellectual exploration.  It is almost impossible to accumulate the plethora of documented, informative citation when researching the system currently contrived.  When compromised and itemized by a system of such category and sporadicy how is one to research and accumulate the vastness of human experience in one life time?  The only way to do so is to find the common denominator that threads the diversity of multifaceted systems of research and understanding; Psychologically everything is unified and the affinity of the elements ratified.  It is by reaching into, and becoming one again with the nature in which all your desire becomes manifest.  Grounding oneself with nature, and becoming more open and receptive to the morphogenic field, is an imperative constituent to the very nature of understanding.

We devise an educational structure based on the psychological assessment of creation.  Ultimately, and once again, this is what education is, a psychological experience forming intelligence through the creativity of the intelligence already being administered endowing the path of creative expressionistic desire.  The requirement now, is for a system of practicality, individualized self efficiency, coherently built upon and distributed by resonating faculties of self evident substance and intelligence.  From here we move through all fundamentals varying from the zero-point basis of quantum entanglement and the morphogenic field, to health, language (varying from syntactical context to telepathy), psychic development, dimensions, mathematics, spirituality, art and much, much more.

To the enlightened eye, they are all interconnected and pretty much the exact same thing.  The structure of the more orthodox educational systems however have divided each fundamental into sub groups and various mazes of logic, disturbing the affinity of the true dialectic.  We on the other hand assess each by product into the elemental framework in which they express.  To actualize the potential of the infinite unconscious one must exercise expression, whilst studying in a more naturally introverted tangent.  Moreover, the student can really step into the depths of the unconscious and pull out the understanding and belief necessary in order to progress at a level more suited to the latter.  – Robert Mesure

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