Ambassador & Emissary program

This is a VOLUNTEER Role of Service to Humanity.

The NewEarth Project was birthed not as just another organisation working toward a brighter future for mankind, but as a global movement or platform to unite the millions of noble yet disparate efforts already underway.

Yes, we seek to create community exemplars of consciousness-in-action and yes, we seek to provide tools and resources which support humanity in transcending its limitations, but even more than that, we seek to unite all those who are likewise seeking the same.

The NewEarth Ambassadors and Emissaries will play a crucial role in this objective.

Within our Program there are two opportunities:

  • As an Ambassador for the NewEarth Project you are willing and able (at your own expenses) to travel extensively around the planet to carry out the aforementioned objective.  Wherever guided to go, you will work proactively to bring a scope of public attention to a vast array of the NewEarth movement activities, while helping to generate and build support in local conscious communities of like-minded groups and individuals. You shall work in tandem with the NewEarth University.
  • As an Emissary for the NewEarth Project you will act as the key contact-point in your local community and surrounding region(s) for all NewEarth affairs.  You will work proactively to bring public attention to the vast array of NewEarth movement activities, and creatively strategize to establish and expand local conscious communities of like-minded groups and individuals. You shall work in tandem with the NewEarth University.

Whether an Ambassador or an Emissary, both serve as a volunteer in alignment with the NewEarth ethos of art, beauty and consciousness supplanting time, money and fear.  These roles are extraordinary, exciting and provide tremendous potential to expand the vistas of consciousness through active conscious service.

An Ambassador role requires more personal resources and experience with an ability to dynamically interface on an international level traveling throughout the world.

An Emissary focuses more on the grassroots level, championing local community development – essential as the NewEarth Havens (like our flagship in Bali, Indonesia) begin to sprout in the next few years.

Both of these volunteer roles work synergistically with the NewEarth University to accomplish the aforementioned objective of the NewEarth movement. (Example: An American Ambassador will work in tandem with an Emissary based in New York, as well as an Emissary based on the west coast in California, or in the central part of the USA, etc.)


Our vision is a worldwide network of local groups and conscious communities – all engaged in the NewEarth Project initiatives and related activities to create a mass planetary body of wisdom, knowledge and practice for all.




If you:

  • are aligned with the NewEarth movement ethos mentioned above
  • are well-traveled, have resources for more travel, and are mature, intelligent and peaceful yet charismatic and…
  • are an active member in your community or an experienced community organizer
  • are able to work independently and proactively, and
  • have the burning desire to help facilitate change in the world, as well as
  • a good amount of organizational skills and availability to carry out the objective of this role

Then please:

Submit your candidacy to be a NewEarth Ambassador or Emissary

Or if you:

  • would still like to join a local team and contribute to the work, but
  • have less time on your hands or lack any of the above qualifications

Send us a message so we may explore creative ways for you to join our efforts. Thank you.


We love to hear from you! Please let us know how can we help (and how can you help!) :)


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