Guillermo Soto


Guillermo Soto

Senior Media Advisor - Video Editing

I was born in Rosario, Argentina. Later at the age of 3, I went on to be raised in the U.S.A.

Being a creative intuitive soul, I sailed through my programming and went on to work in television broadcasting from the age of 18.
Subsequently while living in the belly of the beast, I was condemned an illegal alien, incompatible to the ‘american dream’.
Becoming a criminal overnight, I lived in fear with my voice and head down everywhere I went.
In 2008, my dreams and persistence inspired me to travel.
Since then I've become driven to truth, art, natural justice and manifesting a NewEarth for generations to come.
In 2012 I experienced a spiritual awakening that completely shifted my worldview and has since paved the path which allowed me to fully step into my power.  Helping me BE love and compassion, recognizing that I AM an eternal all powerful homosapien
Being fed up with the war economy, ongoing massacres, suffering and engineered poverty and slavery, we need to engage our leaders and leave behind the corporate slave system of manipulation and control.
My unwavering passion as a filmmaker and artist, has lead me to work with many with healers, activists, movers and shakers. Each person, movement and idea has helped make me who I am today.
My research has opened my mind to sound and vibration, e-learning, meditation, decentralization, live visuals/filmmaking, natural/fractal construction and organic sustainable living.


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