Water and The Climate of Vitality

The living science of Water

Water is not only vital for our survival, it is considered by many as the medium by which all information can be transported, the greatest computer ever to have existed. Its memory is beyond what old world science will acknowledge.  Great men such a Masuru Emoto, along with the team at New Earth Academy of water, stand vanguard to bring awareness to the recognition of the sacred and responsive energies of this sentient life force, and the effect chemical manipulation and human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water.

‘As above, so below’

All that is taking place within us is taking place upon the Earth, we are the micro of the macro in ways 3that the mind may only fully conceptualize for the smallest moment. We are custodians of the bodies we inhabit, as we are guardians of the planet we walk upon. As each cell functions within our body in equilibrium (or not) so too do we, function as individuated points of consciousness within the giant body of consciousness here on earth and into the universe. It is with this powerful understanding in heart that we are able to make quantum progress in the reclamation of our own sovereign territory. As we delve into what it really takes to stand in the role of being responsible for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, so too can we begin to cleanse the energetic functions and flows of the earth.

Beyond the obvious poor diet and lack of exercise – there is a far greater threat to human health and the health of the earth. ‘SAG’, or stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering – better known as chemtrails – is the systemic poisoning of our skies and water with toxic chemicals. Water is the great cleanser for all life, it cleanses and purifies, and brings sacred magic to the human form. The intentional contamination of our lower atmosphere by billions of tiny toxic particles, is a criminal travesty against humankind and the earth, these particles are designed to circulate the globe and poison the air, the water, the people, the plants and the animals.

The ‘new world’ so many prophecies speak of, is not one that comes toward us as we sit on our hands, waiting for the planets to align, (although perhaps inevitable all the same) but one that must be etched from the creative depths of our hearts and minds and the songs of our souls, pumped into every cell of our hydrated body. As we pursue truth and justice with courage, thirsty for information, we stand together. Where do we start if not acknowledging and honouring the temple of our infinite soul, our body, by taking control of our health? And how do we do this if at the very core of vitality, our water and our air are compromised?

Here we stand

Woman standing on edge of cliffWe are alive in the most exciting time in the history of man, the turn of apathy, a real- isation that we are not victims, but as a species we are evolving to a place where we are opening to our real potential and thus demanding answers, justice and the basic human rights to clean air and water along with respect. Here we stand at the event horizon, crossing over into our elevated natural state of powerful, creative resonance.


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