Surface-in-tension – The Mission

Project Raindrop Mission

To bring full awareness to the people around the planet of the physical effects on plants, soil, food, air, and our own bodies by deliberate manipulation of our water.

  • To encourage citizens of the planet to ask questions and provide an outlet to gather the research of the people to produce results that can be presented in any manner we choose.
  • Provide an interactive platform to connect people around the planet.
  • Offer a space of sharing for anyone wishing to document via film, audio and written resources.
  • Provide self-empowering practices to neutralize the effects.
  • Reclaim individual and planetary health.


Project Raindrop is about self-empowerment, an invitation and platform for individuals to stand as one to help free our skies from geoengineering.

With your help we will be able to identify and map un-natural metal contaminants in our rainwater. It is only through the power of the people that we can affect change. The collective informed voice that stands in truth and seeks natural justice, to create ever present moments of awareness and action towards a legacy of (re) connection and physical and environmental health.

By using home test kits or by mailing in your water sample to our rainwater depot we can provide technical evidence for our pro environmental politicians and environmental groups to take this toxic contamination to task.