A unified global focus

The NewEarth Project hosts annual, 5-day Festivals as a unified global focus. These are immersion-events at selected New Earth locations across the globe.

Visit our portal for details. Explore the 2017 NewEarth – Ancient Futures Festival that was held at the NewEarth Haven – Bali, Indonesia.

Please join us again in 2018 …

Art, music, theatre, dance, organic food, sacred ceremony, new sciences, healing and wisdom manifest blueprints for a sustainable world – becoming a collective planetary dream for our New Earth.

At each location, (presently Bali, Indonesia) these global focus annual events combine a Symposium, an Exposition and a Festival.  They are a worldwide beacon for people and communities across the globe coming together to dream a new dream: A world where abundance, healing, spiritual upliftment, art, beauty and consciousness lead the way within the five elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Ether.

Special renowned guests (including some esteemed NewEarth University Fellows and Faculty) are invited to address audiences at each of the five pavilions.  Inspiring leaders in their particular fields, they address a broad range of topics from spirituality & consciousness and artistic expression to science & technology and health & wellness… and more.



Dedicated to human and planetary wellness.  Housing remediation technologies and ecological solutions for the environment, and showcase healing arts, traditional therapies & remedies to the world.






Dedicated to breakthrough technologies.  Open-sourced energy; An exciting and explosive exposition of creative arts, dance and theatre, ceremonial traditions, indigenous customs and cultural heritage.





Dedicated to planetary ecological awareness & sustainable living, farming, permaculture, raw-food & healthy eating, eco-housing, bio-architecture and new-earth socio-economics.




Dedicated to spirituality, human consciousness, meditation, esoteric disciplines & sacred arts, incorporating workshops facilitated by healers, visionaries, inspirational speakers and wisdom-keepers.




Dedicated to wisdom, new paradigm learning, education, creativity, beauty, harmonious living and transmission of noble values, incorporating workshops, seminars and tutorials which will focus on practical methods and templates for manifesting new-earth ideals.