Catalysing Communities

Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are spent globally on festival infrastructure, and at the end of each festival, that infrastructure is removed.  Currently most festivals serve as modern day exemplars of unsustainability as energy and resources used to create them is wasted.  NewEarth Festivals remedy this situation.

Aside from the coordinated annual global focus events which utilise the infrastructure of NewEarth-Haven Retreats and NewEarth University programs, NewEarth Festivals are purposed as a catalyst for NewEarth Communities.

A roaming festival travels between new venues, creating the infrastructure for its one-off festival aroundfocus the requirements of NewEarth Communities based upon a set of established turnkey templates.  Almost two thirds of the cost of establishing a NewEarth Community is in the infrastructural elements, with only one third for the actual homes themselves, so by utilising NewEarth Festivals as a catalyst for communities a vast amount of the resource requirement to create communities disappears.  Not to mention the zero waste element of the festival itself!

Additionally, the collective energy of 20,000 people can assist in establishing operational elements of the community, such as collaborative permaculture gardens, during the course of the event.  And, at the end of the festival a core group of people remain behind to populate and evolve the community.